Planning Your Move


Tips for Unpacking

Just like when preparing to move, it is beneficial to have a plan for unpacking after you’ve arrived. It all starts with how you organized your packing (it helps to have an inventory list and having boxes properly labeled beforehand). So you are finally in your new house and there are boxes everywhere! Where do […]


How to Move Antiques

Moving antiques is not the time to be stingy with packing materials. Every corner and surface needs to be padded with heavy moving blankets (or thick comforters and blankets for the thrifty do-it-yourselfer). Moving any piece of furniture without padding all but ensures that the piece will arrive with unforseen scratches, gouges, or tears. So again, it is of the utmost importance to tightly pad all furniture!


How to Prevent Moving Day Stress

Moving can be a miserable experience. Doesn’t matter if you’re moving by yourself, or with friends, or with a moving service. If you don’t plan ahead and prepare for the worst, chances are, it’s gonna happen. This includes leaving irreplaceable valuables behind, or not having access to your new place when you arrive (or having […]


How Much Storage Do I Need?

When figuring out how much storage you need, try and visualize your items and how they would fit. It helps to have a plan, to use the space most efficiently. Think of it as a puzzle, use your space wisely, stack boxes and you will find that there is more room in there then the […]