storing boxesReady to move out of your old home but still waiting to close on your new house? We can help! Van Lines USA offers short-term month-to-month and long-term warehouse storage options to our moving customers, starting at only $88.00 a month.

Do I Need Temperature Controlled Storage?

Temperature Controlled Storage is a great way to protect your items from extreme heat or cold, humidity and even pests. The temperature of the storage unit generally ranges between 60 and 80 degrees. There are many items that would benefit from having a temperature controlled storage unit.

You may want to consider temperature controlled storage if you are planning on storing any of these items:

  • Antiques, Paintings & Collectibles
  • Furniture or goods made of leather, wood, metal or fabric
  • Sensitive tools, electronics, computers, DVDs, tapes, cassettes, records, photographs and film
  • Important documents, books, or items that can not be replaced

Please note that Van Lines USA can provide climate controlled storage upon request for an additional fee.

How Much is Storage?

Storage units vary in price and size. The larger the unit the more expensive it will be. Sizes vary from 3×5 foot lockers to 20×30 foot rooms. Temperature controlled units will be more expensive than a regular unit. You can rent a unit from a storage facility or a mobile storage crate from companies.

Storing your items with a moving company prior to relocating is somewhat different from renting a personal storage unit. Typically your items are boxed and wrapped together in shrink wrap and then loaded onto pallets in an open spaced warehouse that may or may not be temperature controlled. When you’re ready to move, your pallets can then be easily moved from the warehouse to a moving truck with a fork lift. This is typically more convenient and cost-effective then traditional storage options, since the need to move items from a storage unit and reload them into a moving trucking is unnecessary.

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