Local Moves

moving locallyMoving can be a stressful time, whether your moving a couple houses away or across the country, our goal is to make your move convenient and stress free. Your move is our top priority, let our moving professionals give you a quote, whether its packing your house and moving across the city or state, moving the office to a different building, or moving heavy furniture to a different room in your house. Anything that requires moving let our professionals help from start to finish for an easy and stress free experience.

Let our professional experienced moving team bring the fun and excitement back into your move. Moving to your dream house, moving for work, or just moving for a change of scenery.

Our moving specialists will make it stress free from the delicate and fragile packing of glass and paintings to the heavy lifting of refrigerators from your high rise condo, and the sofa that you might be wondering how it fit through the door in the first place. We have what you need to get the job done from bubble wrap, tape, painting and photo boxes small to large, furniture pads and moving blankets, while for the cleaning of the house you’re moving, or even if you want to left the house you’re leaving perfectly clean for the buyers, you can get professional services that can help you with this in sites like spotlessflorida.com online.

Let’s face it, not all of us move once a year and for those who do not know how to properly pack our items, there is a greater chance of damages. Moving yourself can be very stressful, so leave it to the professionals who do this on a daily basis to get your move done safely, quickly and efficiently.

Do I Need Moving Insurance for a Local Move?

With same-day local moves, the damage risk is greatly reduced and thus, not really necessary. However, if you have very expensive paintings and collectibles, large, pricey electronics, or lots of glass furniture, making the investment is the guaranteed route to avoiding “shoulda, coulda, woulda” headaches later.

Van Lines USA works with MovingInsurance.com, who can provide moving insurance packages that fit your budget while protecting your most valued belongings.

Local Moving To-Do List

Moving to a different neighborhood in the same city is a breeze compared to hauling your goods across the country. But there are a few moving day musts that you shouldn’t forget to make the relocation process as smooth as possible. This includes contact your power company and scheduling your electric service to overlap the day of your move, which will ensure that you have power in both locations. This can be a big deal for late evening and early morning moves. Also for sweaty South Florida summer moves, where the lack of A/C can turn an otherwise quick job into an unbearable moving experience.

In addition to the electric, don’t forget to schedule your cable/satellite hook up date for the day after your move, and switch over your water and other utilities. Also, make a quick pit stop at the post office to complete your change-of-address form (you can also do it online).

Last but not least, be sure to have someone at both the leaving and arriving destinations to double check for left items and to be available on hand to review any necessary details and documents with the moving crew.

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