Packing Services & Supplies

packing materials Skip the hassle and aggravation of having to pack up and live in a home full of boxes the week prior to your move by opting for a professional packing service instead. Our movers will arrive with hand trucks, furniture dollies, and all the necessary packing supplies on hand to quickly and efficiently load your entire home into our moving truck in only a few hours.

How Much are Packing Supplies

Tape and boxes are typically sold in bundle packages in coordination with your move, and can range from as little as $5.00 for a medium-sized moving box, to $25 an item for specialty boxes, shrink wrap rolls, and moving blankets.

What to Ask For?

Your moving and packing quote is based on the inventory list provided to your moving consultant, so please be as thorough as possible when describing your possessions. As with all things space-related, it is always better to overestimate for what you might need then to come up short on moving day. So if you think you only need 20 boxes, and 5 more for good measure.

If you require any of the following specialty moving boxes or wrapping materials, please let us know by contacting your moving consultant.

  • Book Boxes
  • Linen Boxes
  • China Boxes
  • TV Boxes
  • Wardrobe Boxes (Available for sale and for rent)
  • Picture Boxes
  • File Boxes (Letter)
  • File Boxes (Legal)
  • Plastic Bubble Wrap
  • Packing Paper
  • Paper Blankets
  • Moving Blankets
  • Tape (PVC)
  • Mattress Covers (Plastic)
  • Mattress Boxes
  • Glass Dining Table Top Boxes (4-8)

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